Murat Yüksel

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About Me

Talentry - Software Engineer - Munich
July 2019 - Current

Candidate Relationship Management product PHP, DDD, Symfony, MariaDB, ElasticSearch, AWS

Insider - Senior Software Developer - Istanbul
Nov 2017 - June 2019

Responsible for developing different services and products. PHP, Laravel, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Serverless (Python), AWS. Multi cultural office environment.

Mobifun - Senior Software Developer
Feb 2016 - Nov 2017

Responsible for developing and deploying backend solutions of several web applications, mobile apps, integrating with mobile payment, affiliate, ad, report services (REST, SOAP), developing 3rd party services for carriers. Using Laravel, LEMP stack, Redis, RabbitMQ, NodeJS, MongoDB

Mi Yapım - Freelance / Home Office Web Developer
Jun 2011 - Aug 2015

Worked home office with 3 other colleague developing corporate web sites, Municipality web sites, move Communal Education Centers, Science and Art centers to online. 10+ School web sites, 100+ web sites, HR portal, Estate Portal, 5 Municipality Portal, Municipality Help desk automation,... PHP, LAMP stack

Yalova Univ. Master's Degree Computer Sciences
abandoned - 2016

Courses finished, abandoned as I started to work full time didn't have time for working on thesis.

Sakarya Univ. Master's Degree Cyber Security
transfered - 2015

Courses completed: Intro to Cyber security, TCP/IP Security, Penetration Tests and Security Audit, Cyber Wars. Transferred to Yalova after that.

Yalova Univ. Bachelor Degree Computer Sciences
3.23/4 GPA / 2010-2014

Computation Club Board Member (20+ Seminars organised, volunteered for lecturing “Intro to web development”)
Graduation project: Auto generating admin panel, a script that provides CRUD interface for a given mysql database just with couple of configurations.

Web Application Security - Linux Summer Camp
11-23 August 2014

Camp content can be found here:

StajOkulu 2012
2 July - 10 August 2012

Courses here are mostly like seminers from volunteered professionals in IT sector. Course program can be found here:

I was in Japan May 2017 and thats one of the best times of my life. I also travel a lot in my country. Started to a challenge about it actually; at least 1 country per year 1 city per month. After moving to Munich for my new job, continuing this challenge. Corona is just a pause :)
Amateur Photography
In 2015 I decided to buy a camera as I was traveling a lot. My searches end up with a Sony RX100 M3. Actually as it is not seem like a brilliant camera, I am pretty satisfied with the results. Most important thing is it makes me discover my surroundings and search for beauty in everyday life and ordinary things. Instagram: fototropi
Sometimes especially if my job begins to be repetitive, I keep myself busy with trial and error style mini projects. Tried Forex with MQL4 programming, machine learning with basic principles. Beside these interesting topics abandoned several nontrivial projects, mostly written in PHP.

If I am in the mood I read a lot. Besides on daily reads of technical articles, I like to read popular science, futurism, utopia / distopias, anthropology, alternative economies...

Being a travel lover I also like trekking and bike riding. Living in Munich gives a lot of opportunities for nature discovery. Yet my distance record for biking is 125 kms and had 40000+ steps a day while visiting Rome.

Also like "tasting" hobbies, tried calligraphy (failed miserably :D), went to creative writing course (but couldn't write a piece yet, still have some ideas though), tried playing piano but at that time of my life had a lot of overtime so couldn't practice enough, now an electric guitar is resting next to me and little more hopeful about it.